Sophia Tolli Sale Update!

Quick, quick! The following Sophia Tolli wedding dresses have just gone into the SAMPLE SALE, now up to half price!

Sophia Tolli Sale Update:

Gown names: Daenerys, Drew, Ginger, Kyle, Muriel, Peyton, Ryan, Cloris (SOLD), Spencer (SOLD), Bobbi (SOLD)

Daenerys - Front
Daenerys – Front

Drew - Front

Ginger - Front
Ginger – Front
Kyle - Front
Kyle – Front
Muriel - Front
Muriel – Front
Peyton - Front
Peyton – Front
Ryan - Front
Ryan – Front

Please note: These gowns are now in the sample sale as they are discontinued from 14th November onwards, meaning we can no longer order these styles from the designer.

The quick sale of these gowns means we have more room for the NEW Sophia Tolli 2018 collections which are coming soon!

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